Friday, May 31, 2013

Aquinas for May XXXI

Qui in caritate vivit, particeps est omnis boni quod fit in toto mundo.

"Who lives lovingly shares in every good that is done in the whole world."

In Symb. art. 10


  1. The translation i have reads "in charity" and not as with yours "lovingly". Seems to me a significant difference.

  2. branemrys7:53 AM

    Not at all; 'love' and 'charity' are theological synonyms, and regularly used as such (cp. "Faith, Hope, and Love", which in Latin would be "Fides, Spes, et Caritas"). 'Love' in colloquial English has a much wider range of meanings (and 'charity' a much narrower range of meanings) than caritas, but this isn't an issue here, since I've actually given the Latin. And the prepositional phrase 'in X' in Latin is regularly used with verbs in contexts where English would use an adverb; hence the 'lovingly'.


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