Monday, November 01, 2004

Christian Carnivals of Various Sorts

Christian blog carnivals are multiplying - a must given how saturated the Christian Carnival itself is becoming. This will make it a bit easier to browse good blog posts; although it will add a great many more links than any one person could handle (at least, if he's me).

So there's the Christian Carnival XLI at "From the Anchor Hold". That came out last Wednesday.

And there's the First Catholic Carnival at "Living Catholicism", which was out the 26th.

And then there's Post Tenebras Lux - the Carnival of the Reformation, which has put out its first post at "Jollyblogger" today.

I notice that the two newer carnivals are going to do themed carnivals - this Post Tenebras Lux, for instance, was on Sola Scriptura, while the next Catholic Carnival will be on the Eucharist. This is a great idea.

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