Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Women Philosophers in the SEP

For International Women's Day, here are the articles on women philosophers from the online SEP (the author of the article is listed in parentheses):

Mary Astell (Alice Sowaal)
Simone de Beauvoir (Debra Bergoffen)
Catharine Trotter Cockburn(Patricia Sheridan)
Anne Conway (Sarah Hutton)
Damaris Masham (Sarah Hutton)

It seems a little light, doesn't it? In several of these cases, too, the scholarship has not developed very far. Several of the articles above are quite excellent, considering the state of scholarship; but in each case there needs to be much more work done. And think of all the women philosophers who do not yet have articles up: Anscombe, Stein, Conrad-Martius, Cavendish, Shepherd, etc. And, if it needs to be made clear, the claim that they need to be studied more is not simply an affirmative action policy; these women are often brilliant, and there is much to be learned from them. There is a lot of work to do.

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