Sunday, November 12, 2006

Carnival of the Citizens Call for Submissions

Richard at "Philosophy, et cetera" has begun the call for submissions:

The inaugural Carnival of Citizens will be held here in two weeks' time. Submissions -- due by November 23 -- should be written in a generous and deliberative spirit, to engage rather than insult those who might disagree with the author. (See the guidelines for more details, and let me know if they are at all unclear.)

Submissions are invited on any topic relevant to public debate. For example, suppose you have the attention of a friendly and reasonable "opponent": what would you want to discuss with them? To advance your own view, what crucial insight or argument would you bring to their attention? To better understand their view, what would you like further explained?

Alternatively: you might write a post explaining why you deviate from the "party line" on some particular issue....Or you may be able to think up other possible approaches that align with the carnival's civic values -- if so, go for it!

While I have high hopes for the new carnival, it can only succeed by securing the good will and participation of diverse bloggers, spanning the entire spectrum of political perspectives. So please help "spread the word"!

Do think seriously about contributing something.

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