Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Loud the Rivers Echo

The Lord reigns as king, robed in majesty;
royalty the Lord has for robe and girdle.
He it was that founded the solid earth,
to abide immovable.
Firm stood thy throne ere ever the world began;
from all eternity, thou art.
Loud the rivers echo, Lord, loud the rivers echo,
crashing down in flood.
Magnificent the roar of eddying waters;
magnificent the sea’s rage;
magnificent above these, the Lord reigns in heaven.
How faithful, Lord, are thy promises!
Holy is thy house,
and must needs be holy until the end of time.

Psalm 93 (Knox)


  1. Brigittetdarnay5:13 PM

    Today here in Michigan, the wind roars loud, too...

  2. branemrys7:49 PM

    It does seem a time for noisy weather!


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