Friday, December 19, 2014

A Poem Draft


There is a truth that will not die,
No matter the tyrant's hold.
There is a flame that lights our way,
No matter the stifling cold.
No matter the shadow of death that falls,
No matter the tiring roads,
A solace awaits for the struggling soul,
Though it kick against the goads.
A starlight shines upon the frost
From a star that masters fate,
Sustaining hope of all who ache,
No matter the weary wait.


  1. Itinérante5:00 AM

    I know I thank you a lot in comments but this time it is different! I have been very sick for more than two weeks and I couldn't go to work or even read, bref, the wait this Advent was a bit weary and I have been thinking a lot about the Truth of the second coming and this poem comes just in time beautifully written as usual =)
    I am blessed! Thank you Brandon =D

  2. branemrys3:23 PM

    Thank you! I hope you are feeling better.


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