Monday, January 23, 2017

Two New Poem Drafts


I knew your face, I think, your glancing eye.
The limpid waters waved beneath the sky.
The moon was shining bright; it glowed within;
aloof, it wanly smiled on blessed men -----

----- and yet we never met; I never knew
the color of your eyes; your face is new.
No past that I forget, paths never crossed
now bubble in my mind, like children lost, -----

----- and yet I knew you well, before I ever knew;
your face was heaven's sky, your eye was true;
the splendor of your light my eye enthralled.
We met again just now, who never met at all.


Tell me, O breath of the girl I love,
how widely did you roam?
How many leagues of voyage swept
from paradise, your home?
In Africa or Asia,
in Europe, on the sea,
how many years of journey passed
before you came to me?
Or did you drift from futures far
where springs unborn have bloomed?
Or darker times when steel and stone
all crumble in the gloom?
Was it through valleys of the earth
that your whisper fled,
or distant stars by man unseen,
or realms of shades long dead?
Tell me where to find the girl,
the queen who has my heart,
that I may finally meet the soul
of which you are a part.

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