Monday, June 23, 2014

Two Poem Drafts

Unity of Mind and World

I see the world; it is a sight,
so brightly lit it sheds a light.
I think of all the world I see--
the world is thought inside of me.
Within, without, the world is one,
the sun as seen is really sun,
the world as thought is thought inside,
and thus I think it true and wide.


Every road is broken;
no path is laid down straight;
ways are warped and snarled;
twisted is our fate --

but, though the highway falters,
never need it bar
the voyage to forever:
there is a guiding star.


  1. Brigitte Darnay2:53 PM

    Long waits always reward in your case, Brandon.

  2. branemrys10:24 PM

    Thanks! I've been juggling quite a few things, so not much has been coming; hopefully that will change soon.

  3. Itinérante2:01 AM

    That is true. I was waiting for the poem draft posts =) (and short stories)


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