Monday, November 03, 2014

Already a Long Day

So, somehow I managed to get through yesterday without realizing that Daylight Saving Time had ended. I first began to suspect that I was missing something when there was hardly any traffic on the road -- speed limit all the way, even at the entrance ramps that usually jam up the Interstate. And so I got to work an hour earlier than I usually do, which is something of a problem since during this term on Mondays I get to campus right before it opens. So I just listened to Vic and Sade and the Harold Peary Show on the radio until campus opened. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those days that is just 'off' the entire day....


  1. Timotheos3:01 PM

    I think this question only becomes even more akward when you ask yourself how you managed to go to mass on Sunday and still not notice that the time had changed...

    I guess you either went to mass on Saturday, or a whole bunch of people were early for work today...

  2. branemrys3:21 PM

    This is precisely the puzzle. I don't have any idea I could have happened. I missed (by my clock) the 8:00 am Mass on Sunday, and left the house after 9:00 to catch the 10:00 am Mass. But I didn't come in at the middle of a Mass, but about thirty minutes before the beginning (about when I normally arrive). I assumed it was the 10:00 am Mass. Its being that Mass fits all the evidence -- except that the actual times are all wrong! I have quite literally no clue how it happened.

  3. MrsDarwin7:41 AM

    This is moving into quintessential absent-minded professor territory. :)

    I wanted to take advantage of the extra hour to sleep in, but the baby didn't get the memo and woke up at his usual time to spend that hour banging his head cheerfully against my cheekbones. However, we'd been to Mass as a family the night before and had carefully set the clocks forward since Brendan was running a 10K Sunday morning in 29 degree weather. I do remember one year we missed the time change and arrived at church an hour early -- not a bad problem to have, considering we almost always go to the latest morning Mass.

  4. branemrys8:20 AM

    Babies do seem to be nature's alarm clocks; and they don't have a Daylight Saving switch.

    I've missed the time change once and got to church very early; but it was fairly convenient, actually, since I was reading that day.

  5. Enbrethiliel1:58 AM



  6. branemrys11:55 AM

    That's as good an explanation as any I can think up.

  7. MrsDarwin4:14 PM

    This ought to resonate with you:

  8. branemrys6:30 AM

    That was actually pretty good.

  9. Jimbo8:04 AM

    Vic and Sade!!


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