Sunday, January 03, 2016

Maronite Year XIV

The Sunday of the Finding of Our Lord in the Temple, and part of the following week, closes out the Maronite Christmas season; next Sunday we are in the Epiphany season. The entire Christmas season for the Maronites is a season of announcements, with Christmas, of course, bringing the greatest of the announcements; but today we get one last announcement, the very first from Christ Himself.

Sunday of the Finding of Our Lord in the Temple
Hebrews 7:11-19; Luke 2:41-52

Joseph and Mary lost sight of their son Jesus;
for three days they searched and then he appeared to them,
sitting in the great temple amidst the teachers,
listening, asking them questions with great insight,
swift of understanding and wonderful in word.
Where should the Son be but in His Father's Temple?

A holy priest is fit for a holy Temple,
but the holiness of Christ is so surpassing,
not even the earthly Temple is fit for Him.
On the cross He vanished but in three days appeared,
in a living Temple not built with human hands,
listening, questioning, teaching the truth of God.

You, O Church, are Temple made of human lives;
be taught of the great Teacher who sits in your midst,
be enlightened in your thought with love and glory.
The hidden one became visible by His birth;
in the holy gathering the Word is teaching.
Where should the Son be but in His Father's Temple?

May we be worthy to glorify the Father,
who sent the Son to heal through faith what will could not;
may we be worthy to be co-heirs with the Son,
who teaches the Father's ways and the truth of the Law;
may we be worthy of the Spirit's anointing,
who has spoken through prophets and the apostles.

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