Friday, December 17, 2004

Christian Carnival XLVIII

Christian Carnival XLVIII is up at Parableman, with an excellent sci-fi theme. You should mosey on over; some posts that I thought particularly interesting:

* Good or Bad Christians at "Brutally Honest"

* Apocryphal Pining: Introduction and Baruch at "Philosophical Poetry"

* Who Shook the House? at "Reasons Why"

* Bigotry at "Parableman"

* The Poor at "Crossroads"

* It's Our Party! at "Rebecca Writes"

* The Nature of Our Reality at "Wallo World" (it's on the Flew thing)

* Death by Assumption at "Jollyblogger"

The eighth Catholic Carnival is also up at Living Catholics. The deadline for the second Carnival of the Reformation is tomorrow (December 18), and it will probably be out December 20.

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