Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A New Poem Draft


the garden fountains pour
living streams refreshed by shower
greening leaf and blooming flower
around the lily white

fresh and dewy-petalled light
surrrounds her, silver scented
where God on earth is tented
spreading grace and fire
calming wrath and fear

see her many-gifted hand
spreading graces dear
granting merci to her knights
vital sips of paradise
vivid dreams of sainted lands
beyond the ken of learning wise

see how beneath the maddened moon
in lights bewitching to a swoon
she walks on rain-wet paths
through shades of minds demented
boiling with an inner wrath
calming with her touch and song
the ache of heart that, maddened, longs
for better world and wonder

as the mover moves the stars
as cloud to earth calls in thunder
she calls, she moves, she draws
the knight to learn of loving awe
making every heart renewed
a fresher flower touched by dew

inspires she to seek the true
by gentle kiss of breath
a wind outracing wings of death
bringing hoping heart to light
speaking troth and giving life

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