Saturday, May 20, 2006

Carnivalesque Call for Submissions

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The next Carnivalesque (Ancient/Medieval edition) will be hosted here at Siris. The deadline for submissions is 9 pm (CDT = UTC/GMT-5), May 21st. (This means that, depending on where in the world you are, the carnival will be up either May 21st or the early morning of May 22nd.) If at all possible, please send your nominations and submissions before the deadline.

Send submissions and nominations using the Blog Carnival submission form, or by sending them to one of the following addresses:


with @ for [at] and . for [dot], of course.

The posts should have something to do with ancient or medieval history, and should have been posted since the last Ancient/Medieval Carnivalesque (on March 13). They do not have to be academic posts, nor do they have to be heavyweight scholarship; in fact, this carnival is for anyone who has a genuine interest in ancient or medieval history, whether acadamic or not. Posts may take a wide variety of approaches to the subject matter, but they should exemplify basic standards of factual accuracy. The host reserves the right to restrict or limit the submissions actually chosen for the carnival on the basis of factual accuracy, the number of submissions, fit with the tenor or theme of the carnival, and similar criteria; but if you have doubts, please submit it.

To help make the creation of this edition of the carnival easier, please put "Carnivalesque" somewhere in the title of the email, and when possible provide the following information:

Title of post
Post Permalink
Title of blog
Blog URL

A brief description of the post (1 or 2 sentences) would also be helpful. Multiple submissions are allowed, and, in fact, encouraged; you may submit your own writing or another's, but please try not to submit more than one post by any individual blogger (unless they are multi-part posts on one topic).

Please pass the word!

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