Saturday, October 28, 2006

Linkable and Thinkable

* At my other weblog, I have a post discussing Sukjae Lee's paper on necessary connection and continuous creation in Malebranche's occasionalism.

* An interesting discussion by Donald Guthrie (PDF) on whether the Pastoral Epistles are authentically Pauline.

* Joseph Kenny has a translation of the Dialogue between Paleologos and Mudarris, which was quoted by the Pope in his Regensberg speech. Kenny is a Dominican in the Province of St. Joseph the Worker (Nigeria and Ghana). He specializes in Christian-Muslim relations, both intellectual and political. I especially recommend reading his Christian-Islamic Preambles of Faith, which is roughly modeled on Aquinas's Summa Contra Gentiles, and looks at points of commonality between Christian and Islamic philosophy; his translation of Aquinas's De rationibus fidei; and his discussion of Aquinas's commentary on Aristotle's Physics.

* Speaking of Kenny, he has a translation up of St. Thomas's Letter to John on How to Study.

* The British Philosophy of Sport Association has a brief but interesting introduction to philosophy of sport. You can also learn more about this field of study at Paideia's page for papers on philosophy of sport. It's usually called 'philosophy of sport' rather than 'philosophy of sports' because the British rather than the Americans seem to dominate the field, for some reason.

* You can watch the Prada 'Thunder, Perfect Mind' commercial at YouTube. Gnosticism, fashion, it's pretty much the same; except that, as Mike Aquilina points out, the Gnostics were a bit more brazen. And original, I suppose, since they came up with the text in the first place.

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