Sunday, October 14, 2007

Citing Weblogs

Bora provides information on citing weblog posts in NLM style. It makes less difference in philosophy, which is a discipline that has no unified citation style at all, but I thought I would note the three common ways of citing blog posts that most people writing in philosophy are likely to come across (not that it happens often, but it's worth knowing in these blogospheric times):

Last Name, First Name, "Blog post title." [Weblog entry.] Blog Name. Sponsoring organization (if any). Date Posted. (URL) Date Accessed.

Last Name, First Name. (Date Posted) Blog Post Title. Weblog entry. Retrieved on Date Accessed from URL.

Last Name, First Name, "Blog Post Title," Blog Name, comment posted Date Posted URL (accessed Date Accessed).

There are variations, of course; unsurprisingly, since in philosophy no one actually cares about citation format as long as you're close enough to whichever standard (MLA, APA, Chicago, or other) is proposed that you are not obviously wrong.

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