Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Google's View of Me

Age: 65+
Gender: Male

Apparently it thinks my primary interests are business and law. And there's a big web services component that comes, I think, from my use of StatCounter.

You should be able to find Google's view of yourself through the Ads Preferences Readout.


  1. John Perry8:47 PM

    Hah. It thinks I'm 25-34. Young at heart, I guess. :-D

  2. Jennifer Fitz11:15 AM

    That is hilarious.  It thinks I'm a male, ages 45-54.  I'm just not as worried about privacy as I used to be five minutes ago.

    [Funny story: I had long mused about confusing google by intentionally searching for things that don't interest me.  But never got around to it.  Apparently google is confused enough all on its own.]


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