Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three Poem Drafts


All the starlit pools are full with a nocturne born of joy;
in the silky night of waters it is heard,
and there visions may be found that are woven out of sounds
and crafted not of light but living word.
There are ripples on the surface as the dimpled waters laugh,
as the wind tickles the glass until it wakes.
All the stars then dance in circles, and circles upon circles,
until the moon is done and daylight breaks.


Cast your net in hunch or guess!
No fish will come to netless boats,
but those who cast a net may bless
the God who gives, with song in throat.
And if the nets should come back bare?
That is no worse than nets not there.

Psalm 22

I will praise the Lord in the congregation,
I will fulfill my vows before the reverent.
The humble shall feast to satisfaction;
they who seek the Lord shall praise Him
with hearts that live forever.

I will praise the Lord in the congregation;
to the ends of the earth the nations
will remember the Lord with conversion.
All families in each generation
shall bow down before Him.

I will praise the Lord in the congregation!
To Him alone shall bow down
the nations that sleep in the earth;
before Him shall kneel in devotion
all who descend to the dust.

I will praise the Lord in the congregation,
and to Him shall my soul give its life.
All generations from me, may they serve Him;
let the new generation be told of Him,
that they may proclaim to an unborn nation
the rightness of His ways.

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