Thursday, May 24, 2012

Three Poem Re-Drafts


At times a loneliness will creep
within as from some monstrous deep,
surprise my heart, and terrorize
my brain with visions from its eyes.
But mostly I, a timeless stone,
am never lonely, just alone
with sun in sky, and trees around
that sway in breezes rich with sound
of music from the birds that, free,
alone can speak the joy in me.


Reason, no electric light,
flickers on and off with life,
casting shadows in the night;
not like some smooth, steady sun
throwing gold rays by the ton
equally on everyone.
Like a fire lit at camp,
reddish in the dew and damp,
casting light in frenzied dance,
some are brighter, some are less,
some will see where others guess.
Each must honestly confess
reason's flame is not so bright
all shadows flee it, nor the night;
none too steady in its light,
flickering here and blazing there,
here it dies to ashes bare,
sputtering in the rainy air.
But -- who is fool enough to say
lights that are less bright than day
shed no light upon our way?
Say rather that we never lack
means to fight and harry back
dark of night, the inky black!
Dancing, it is never dead,
aiding us where it has led,
keeping safe till morning-red.

To My Beloved Country

Mountain-crowned with glorious expanse,
deep-canyoned and deep-hearted,
in you the wheat-sown oceans dance
with minds and freedoms not soon parted,
sweet-tongued singer of the song
of freedom and unaliened right,
enfuried by the unjust wrong,
swift to share your light!
Firewheels burn here without end,
bluebonnets mantle royal fields,
land where storm and grace descend
and all things offer tenfold yield
or else a hundredfold increase,
where all look to the what-may-be,
where generous hearts seem without cease
on every side from sea to sea.
My heart is troubled and I fear
on nights when stars sing sobbing note;
though none may harm your glory here,
yet you may slit your own fair throat.
Walk softly, gently, and recall,
though foe may fail before your power,
you yourself can bring the fall
and haste that darkest of dark hours.
And fear!
Fear Justice and her laws,
which none survive who mock and scorn.
Hold your heart in proper awe
lest judgment come some brutal morn.

1 comment:

  1. Brigitte1:29 PM

    Thank you for these splendid words that awaken and can, like "the music from the birds... speak the joy to me".


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