Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Cheese, Chicken, and Cake

Because MrsD had to put it in my head....


  1. Cat Hodge8:15 AM

    The devil of it is, you can't watch it just once. 

    Last night we were saying Aquinas's Prayer for Ordering One's Life Wisely, when I started having flashbacks.

    "Give to me a watchful heart (SALSA COOKIES!) which no capricious thought (WINDMILL COOKIES!) can lure away from you. (NORTH KOREA!)"

    I'm not sure how much spiritual benefit is derived from snickering one's way through a prayer for order and wisdom. 

  2. Eric M.3:23 PM

    Interesting, Mrs. Darwin, Brandon just gave me advice on integrating study and play (which might be related to Aquinas's novena on ordering one's life wisely), though I'm also uncertain how exactly this video helps me out in the long run of learning, except perhaps finding out that some men like cheese and to watch out for WINDMILL COOKIES!  :-D


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