Sunday, July 08, 2012

Various Links for Varied Thinking

* Some idiots have vandalized the Lia Fail. (ht) This is why the human race can't have nice things.

* Eamon Duffy on the Reformation in England

* Tom at "Disputations" has an excellent post on one of the most annoying features of modern Catholics.

* Medieval writing, which has lots of resources on medieval paleography

* Erik Kwakkel discusses evidence of note-taking in medieval classrooms at "medievalfragments"

* A Pacifist Reading of the Lord of the Rings at "Jesus Radicals"

* Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, The Constitution as Counter-Revolution (PDF)

* Darin Hayton, Instruments and Demonstrations in the Astrological Curriculum, 1500-1530 (PDF). What actually strikes me is that Renaissance courses in astrology would fit quite comfortably into the modern university curriculum; they worked exactly the way modern courses work and could have easily proven their practical value.

* Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks discusses the recent German court comments on circumcision. As you might expect, he is not pleased with them.

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