Thursday, September 06, 2012

Poem a Day VI

I Will Not Fall in Love Today

Bright-eyed angel, pure of heart,
Somehow Cupid's burning dart
has missed me; though it's sad to say,
I will not fall in love today.

Precious girl with skin of cream
and eyes like something out of dream,
it will not work; though you may stay,
I will not fall in love today.

Fish are leaping in the stream,
sun pours on the lake a gleam
that tells me I should stop and play;
I will not fall in love today.

Green are trees with happy leaf,
flowers cast aside all grief,
the rainbows burst from morning rays;
I will not fall in love today.

The world is turning with a whirl,
and though you are a pretty girl
with smile to take one's breath away,
I will not fall in love today.

1 comment:

  1. John Farrell8:47 AM

    Oh, come on. Not even a little?  ;)  Nicely done. 


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