Monday, September 03, 2012


This summer I've done some series on how particular philosophers deal with important concepts in ways that I think are interesting and worth knowing, and I thought I would put up a listing of them. It is, incidentally, entirely unintentional that they were all five-post series. I have some ideas for future series -- Bramhall on free will, Whewell on Newtonian physics, Boethius on happiness, Gerard on taste, and so forth; I don't know if I'll actually do them all, or even any of the ones I currently have in mind as possibilities, and others, like the Gilpin series, might be done completely on the spur of the moment; but I hope to do at least a few more series of this general sort here and there in the future.

James Beattie on Common Sense
I: Introduction
II: Common Sense
III: First Principles
IV: Inquiry
V: Human Equality

Lady Mary Shepherd on the External World
I: Continuity
II: Externality
III: Independence
IV: Dreaming and Waking
V: Ramifications

Soren Kierkegaard on Confession
I: The Individual
II: The Good
III: Double-Mindedness
IV: Commitment
V: Rendering Account

William Gilpin on the Picturesque
I: Picturesque Beauty
II: Picturesque Travel
III: Sketches and Descriptions
IV: Austen's Engagement with Picturesque Theory (I)
V: Austen's Engagement with Picturesque Theory (II)

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