Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Poem Draft

One Good Day

I dreamed one night the world was ending,
the flames of sun on us descending;
the tides of sea poured forth unending,
but I had lost my pride
and you were at my side,
and as the world went on its way
I thanked the stars for one good day.

The fragile cities all were breaking,
the darkness all the light was taking,
the winds were hill and mountain shaking,
but I had lost my pride
and you were at my side;
the world was passing all away
but I rejoiced in one good day.

Though all the stars collapse in thunder,
though continents should burst asunder,
I'd crown it all with joy and wonder
if I could lose my pride
and you be at my side:
why worry if things fall away
if they can bring just one good day?

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