Thursday, December 06, 2012

Two Poem Drafts


The human heart is frail:
a breeze its strength may take.
But though the dogs of hell
with storms the worlds shall shake,
my friend, beside you I
will stand, a wall will make;
then see, though hell-hounds cry,
I swear you shall not break.


You are most lovely of lovable things,
rising in splendor, aurora-arrayed,
roseate, luminant, aureate-splayed,
lightening worlds. The morrow-red sings
songs that will chase away winter-formed frost,
brightening ice that, translucent, transforms
light into iris in colorful storms,
hope iridescent. I would be lost,
broken, should brightness not rise in the west,
joy iridesce on the surface below,
breaking the bondage and service of snow:
you I behold, and by you am blessed.


  1. MrsDarwin4:38 AM

    These are very lovely.

  2. branemrys4:38 AM

    I did like how the second one turned out.

  3. MrsDarwin4:39 AM

    The second is very elegant, but do you know, I like the first one better -- I spent all week dealing with a family member in crisis, and the first two lines particularly resonated. It's interesting how you can read something in a timely moment and find it very compelling.

  4. branemrys8:32 AM

    I am glad of that; it's nice that it does some good.


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