Friday, March 22, 2013

A Poem Draft


The twilight stars in silence stare
down from mists of higher air
and sing,
deeply chant,
as creeping shadows, sharply cut
(light from moon makes them jut
and crag,
standing out),
are making paths through strips of light.
Swiftly falls the cape of night
to hide,
cover all.
Around the town the streetlights shield
house from darkness of the field;
brightly lit,
our faces shine. All cares aside,
frivolity has been denied,
but word
we now hear.
We hear the story woven, told,
all its glory spoken bold,
and live,
being there,
not watchers but identified
with hero, villain, husband, bride;
and sparks,
said, not seen,
incite the flame inside our souls,
chase the shadows dark as coal
Chanted tale
with human life imbues our minds,
gives us hope, our hearts unbinds.

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