Monday, April 22, 2013

Notable Links, Notably Linked

* MrsD looks at the Grand Jury Report on the Gosnell case

* Brother Humbert Kilanowski, O.P., discusses how the Dominicans are different from the Jedi. (ht)

* TurretinFan has some excellent links to works of John Witherspoon that are available online. I've considered at some point discussing Witherspoon's criticisms of David Hume, and this will certainly make it easier. (He's very unimpressed, if you couldn't guess.)

* The editors at "n+1" criticize our modern taste for sociology

* John Kihlstrom argues against downplaying the role of reason in ethics on the basis of recent cognitive science work

* Colin McGinn criticizes Ray Kurzweil

* Science Toys You can Make with Your Kids

* Gerard N. Magliocca, The Canonization of the Bill of Rights (PDF) -- fascinating paper. Prior to the very late nineteenth century, people didn't put much emphasis on the Bill of Rights, as such. With Franklin Delano Roosevelt, however, the Bill of Rights became considered a major government document in its own right.

* David Kretzmer, The Inherent Right to Self-Defense and Proportionality in Jus Ad Bellum(PDF) at EJIL. There is some discussion, as well:

Thomas Liefländer, Ius ad bellum Proportionality is More Complicated Still: A Response to David Kretzmer

Gina Heathcote, Is it the right time to reconsider jus ad bellum proportionality?: a response to Kretzmer’s “The inherent right to self-defence and proportionality in jus ad bellum”

Noam Lubell, Comments on David Kretzmer's "The inherent right to self-defence and proportionality in jus ad bellum"

* A picture of Princess Elisabeth of the Palatinate, more commonly known as Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia, just because I'll be talking about her philosophical correspondence with Rene Descartes in my classes today and tomorrow.

1636 Elisabeth of Bohemia

She's an interesting person. Online resources devoted to her seem somewhat deficient, but here are some links relevant to her:
Princess Palatine Elizabeth (Wayne C. Johnson)
Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia Timeline
Elizabeth of Bohemia Chronology

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