Friday, October 11, 2013

Poem a Day 11

A Ballade of Sun-Beating

The sun is hot today, and fierce!
It will not give surcease or rest.
It waterfalls with flames that pierce
no matter what I may invest,
continuing till sun meets West.
If nothing's done, then I must die.
So here is my quixotic quest:
to beat the sun from flaming sky!

I need a steed that never veers
(a dragon likely would be best)
and one that knows no qualms or fears,
with spirit growing in its chest.
Then we will fly without a rest
until we reach the world on high,
to do what must be done with zest,
to beat the sun from flaming sky!

With gilded sets of pocket-shears
I will undo its shining vest,
and chase it through its wide careers
with baseball bat and hammer blessed
with holy water, as you've guessed,
to make that demon weep and cry.
No pity stops me, nor behest,
to beat the sun from flaming sky!


My prince, I have but one request:
that if in this I fail and die,
another man take my bequest --
to beat the sun from flaming sky!

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