Saturday, December 28, 2013

Classical and Popular

Both from Frank Baum's The Patchwork Girl of Oz:

"The only record I have with me," explained the phonograph, "is one the Magician attached just before we had our quarrel. It's a highly classical composition."

"A what?" inquired Scraps.

"It is classical music, and is considered the best and most puzzling ever manufactured. You're supposed to like it, whether you do or not, and if you don't, the proper thing is to look as if you did. Understand?"
(Chapter Seven)

"It's the latest popular song," declared the phonograph, speaking in a sulky tone of voice.

"A popular song?"

"Yes. One that the feeble-minded can remember the words of and those ignorant of music can whistle or sing. That makes a popular song popular, and the time is coming when it will take the place of all other songs."
(Chapter Eleven)

And the phonograph would seem to be a sort of expert on the subject.


  1. Martin T.8:38 PM

    Except few can recite (sing? ) The average rap song and most can whistle, say, The William Tell Overture, that is if anyone whistles anything anymore.

  2. branemrys11:54 PM

    Yes, I imagine even the phonograph -- and Baum -- would be completely baffled by hip-hop.


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