Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It's turning out to be a busy week, and I'll be on a confirmation retreat trying not to be driven insane by high school students this weekend, and then I have family coming next week, so it's a busy time for me; I don't know how much posting there will be. My busy times tend to have weird stretches of blank space where I can't start anything big, so there probably will still be some, but it's likely to be off and on for the next week and a half.

I wanted, however, while I remember and still definitely have time, to ask a question. In April for the confirmation class I'm helping out with, I'll be doing the big session on the Gifts of the Spirit. And one of the things I'll be doing is having them pray in English the Veni, Sancte Spiritus (the 'Golden Sequence' for Pentecost, not to be confused with the hymn Veni, Creator Spiritus). But I would like to have them hear it in the original Latin, in either Gregorian chant or a polyponic setting. It really needs to be good quality -- clear and beautiful -- since I doubt most students will have heard really good chant, whether Gregorian or any other, and whether they ever have a taste for it or not, they should at least have some sense of what it is like at its best. I don't have anything that would work on hand, and listening to versions online that I might buy the CD for, I haven't come across anything that is close to stunning. So does anyone know of any very good versions of Veni, Sancte Spiritus?


  1. G. Rodrigues8:17 AM

    I do not know if it fits your bill, but I love Arvo Part's "Te Deum". Start here.

  2. blsDisqus9:18 AM

    You've probably seen it already, but I've always liked this one:

    Latin words included - and I like the alternating men/boys voices.

  3. MrsDarwin8:24 AM

    BlsDisqus's video is the clearest recording I could find on Youtube.

    I'm sure you've already listened to the monks of Santo Domingo de Silos, who touched off the chant craze. It's a good, simple version, but the monks' Spanish-tinged Latin pronunciation isn't the clearest.

    Not chant, but Josquin Desprez's motet Veni Sancte Spiritus is very beautiful in its complex medieval-turning-to-renaissance style. I can't find a youtube video, but the Hilliard Ensemble has a beautiful recording, which you can sample at Amazon. The track is only 99 cents to download, so you're not out much, but I can recommend the whole album.

    Good luck chaperoning the retreat -- I don't envy you that fun!

  4. blsDisqus2:36 PM

    I forgot about the $.99 option!

    There's a nice chant version, from what I can tell from the sample, on this CD:


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