Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chrysologus for Lent XIX

Greedy one, make purses for yourself, make them according to the orders of God, because the Divine Majesty looks favorably on your prayers. But make for yourself purses by making contributions, because whatever the poor person receives, our heavenly Father safeguards. And where does he store it? In heaven. And lest perhaps you regret having lost the interest on it, as it were, you will receive on hundred-fold in heavenly interest whatever you send on to heaven with the poor person bearing it. Worldly interest pays one on a hundred, God receives one and pays out a hundred.

And still human beings do not wish to have a contract with God....O man, entrust to God what God has given to you; when the Benefactor wishes to be in debt, it is because he wants to make a larger repayment.

Sermon 25, section 3.

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