Friday, March 28, 2014

Music on My Mind

Clannad, "Green Fields of Gaoth Dobhair". I hadn't thought about this song in a very long time, until Will Duquette happened to mention Clannad in a post on Irish Gaelic songs. This is from the Clannad album Fuaim, which I know very well, having heard it extensively my freshman year in college. My favorite song on the album was "Lish Young Buy-a-Broom" (as I've mentioned before, despite hardly ever drinking, I very much like listening to drinking songs), although "Mhórag's Na Horo Gheallaid" has a chorus that spontaneously emerges from my brain at regularly intervals. But this is a lovely one, too, with its nostalgic tone and mesmerizing series of Irish place-names.

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