Monday, April 07, 2014

Links of Note

* Jennifer Fitz talks about the principle of double effect.

* Charles Murray argues that American innovation is in a state of deterioration.

* I was looking for something recently about Sister Mary Kenneth Keller, who was the first woman in the United States to get a doctorate specifically in Computer Science, and found this old blog post on early Computer Science degrees.

* Will Duquette considers Shel Silverstein as a lyricist. Most of the songs written by him are humorous, and "A Boy Named Sue" is certainly the most famous of these. But he has a few that aren't comic in intention or tone, of which "Sylvia's Mother" is probably the best known.

* John Rist discusses the obvious problems with Cardinal Kasper's recent arguments on divorced-and-remarried participation in communion.

* An interesting conversation about the increasing tendency of Evangelicals to participate in Lent.

* James Franklin has an essay at "Aeon" on the broadly Aristotelian approach in philosophy of mathematics. Franklin has a number of interesting works on Aristotelian realism about mathematics, all very readable and highly recommended.

* A representation of Tolkien's Ainulindale in comic book form.

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  1. Itinérante12:18 AM

    The Tolkien one is wonderful! Thank you for the link!!


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