Saturday, April 26, 2014

Primrose Tufts and Daffodils

The Shepherd's Calendar
by Anna Maria Porter

When primrose tufts and daffodils,
Smell sweetly from the breezy hills;
When nightingales do softly sing,
O then we learn the time is spring!

When trees are leafy, roses blown;
When fragrant hay is gaily mown;
When cuckoos shout, and wild-bees hum,
'Tis then we know that summer's come!

When golden grain is gathered all;
When mellowed pears and apples fall;
When hooting owls at night we hear,
Joyous we say, the autumn's near!

When trees are bare, and streams are still;
When cheerful fires the chimnies fill;
When redbreasts join our social meal,
Ah then! cold winter's breath we feel!

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