Monday, August 04, 2014

Links of Note, Notably Noted

* Whewell's Gazette volume 7, on the history of science, is out.

* A Clerk of Oxford discusses St. Olaf in England

* Fr. Stephen Freeman on the tradition of being human.

* Brendan Hodge on World War I reparations

* James E. Fleming, Fidelity, Change, and the Good Constitution (PDF)

* There seems to be a slowly increasing pushback against the use of trolley problems to investigate moral reasoning.

* The Linothorax Project studies ancient Greek armor made out of linen.

* Resources in medieval military history.

* Hadley Arkes, "Conscience" and the Law: A Bumpy Ride

* William James's Universal Cyclopaedia article on Telepathy (1899)

* John C. Wright, Faith and Works in a Science Fictional Universe

* There are still many puzzles and mysteries of nature yet to be uncovered; one that may -- may -- have recently been solved is the puzzle of the Death Valley sailing stones.

* Andrew Criddle on Basilides and the date on which Christ's baptism was celebrated.

* The history of surgical gloves.

* Nick Ripatrazone argues that the saddest poem ever written is Gerard Manley Hopkins's "Spring and Fall".

* Francis Hutcheson's argument against slavery at "Irish Philosophy".

* Two recent SEP articles:
Christopher Shields and Daniel Schwartz, Francisco Suarez
Jill Buroker, Port Royal Logic

* Benjamin Berger, Poetry, Mercy, and the Phenomenology of Justice (PDF)

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