Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Music on My Mind

Hillsong, "Oceans". I ended up having to catch the 5 pm Mass on Sunday, which left two options within reasonable driving distance: one at a church that almost always has awful music and a 'Contemporary Music' Mass down the road. I ended up going to the CM one, partly because it's a slightly straighter shot for me, and partly because they do put a real effort and some talent behind it (and having been raised Southern Baptist, I'm free of any allergy to 'uplift' music, despite not having a particular taste for it). The major problem with Contemporary Music Masses, besides the fact that they are only contemporary in a parallel universe, is simply that Catholics, unlike Baptists, don't know how to participate when uplift-music is involved. In any case, this one turned out to be catchier than the usual fare. The version they sang was less interminable than this one, though.

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