Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Some Poem Drafts


A golden age--
a mineless age, a ploughless age,
marriages unbroken,
no evil deed or wish,
each in its place, devoted,
prosperity and piety interlinked,
theft like monsters a nursery tale,
hunger a stray unease in a dream:
the rain is upon the fields,
and it is a needed rain;
the crops grow up,
and they are needed crops;
the people are of good mind.

Savannah Night

The heart with a leap in the night
is bold in its rising and roar;
I crouch like a lion and wait,
then leap in a rush at your smile
with kiss and with stealing of breath.

Friends Like You

To cope with strife takes will,
but a happy hope may fill a hapless life
from God's goodness and high throne.
These are good, golden and great:
mastery of fate, a charming wife, a sure home,
a heart that soars the vast sky beyond storm,
a lasting share in glory's gleam,
a wise wish by wise words informed,
and friends like you.


Great things are prone to fall, says Plato--
ah, but yet not all!
Mountains stand and years will not forget.
And yet -- and yet! -- mountains too that fate have met,
mountains too to time are held in thrall.

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