Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Development of Truth in the Human Mind

The development of truth in the human mind always proceeds slowly, and step by step. Even when the whole beginning and sure foundation is already found, or, rather, given, the inner evolution and external application of true science unfolds itself with extreme tardiness. At each point of progress much still remains to be overcome, much to be improved, and even to be thought upon once more, and reconsidered over and over again. Often, too, at the very last moment, an unexpected obstacle presents itself, or some new procrastination of a conscientious doubt or care.

Friedrich von Schlegel, Philosophy of Life, Morriston, tr., p. 534.


  1. Greta2:55 PM

    This is such a striking passage in its foreseeing some issues now hijacked by psychology, like what pop science distinguishes as emotional intelligence, separate from intelligence.
    Have you experienced that phenomenon when the mind formulates a question in a slightly different way and then cannot order previously read texts into that new category: one cannot remember what one has read that would answer the new question?
    One such question I have is about precedents to this issue of the hindrances that keep one from exercising what one thinks one knows (by precedents, I mean pre-18th century).
    It is "Les mardis da la musique ancienne" at France Musique in case you happen to be online and seeking that kind of respite-this I add by way of reciprocation because I have benefitted from your music suggestions in the past.

  2. branemrys5:42 PM

    You're right that sometimes reformulating the question slightly differently makes one realize that there's still something not quite understood. I think one of the modern temptations is glibness in learning -- to think that when we've learned it, that's it. But as Schlegel says, real learning requires returning again and again.

    I'll look up "Les mardis da la musique ancienne"; thanks!

  3. Itinérante2:06 AM

    Greta, merci beaucoup pour cette suggestion (Les mardis da la musique ancienne)!


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