Monday, February 23, 2015

A Poem Draft

Lent 2015

How dark my heart is, Lord,
like a night without moon,
like a shadow of death,
like cave-eating blackness,
and, empty of splendor,
I ache for the sunlight.

Long have I walked, O Lord,
my shoes worn thin like gauze,
my feet aching and cold,
my breath in short, hard bursts;
my heart is weary, sore,
with longing for your gates.

Too long, too far, I strayed;
too much, too oft, I erred.
Coward I was in fight,
foolish I was in plan;
at times for strength, I fled,
and endurance I shirked.

How long your patience, Lord,
I foolishly tested,
how long have you waited
for me to take each step,
to cross each small divide,
and come home as I should!

Long in ice I have lived,
frozen in heart and hope,
a shade by icy streams,
complaining of the sun,
moaning about its heat.
I shrank from you, O Lord.

But you, Lord, have waited;
your mercy has endured.
And with your love my hope
in promise is made warm.
I walk with aching steps,
slow -- but to you I walk.

But how my old ways haunt,
how they hide in ambush,
setting traps, liming twigs,
lying in wait for blood!
Harassed like fox in hunt,
I tire of endless contest.

How tired is my soul, Lord,
how weary is my heart.
The longing lays me low,
the ache will not abate,
I hurt inside with hope,
and drag myself to you.

Do not tarry, O Lord!
But let not wolves catch me,
nor roaring lion devour,
nor dark betrayal break,
nor cold blade sever life,
before glory pours down.


  1. Itinérante1:38 AM

    Wow! This one is wonderful!
    I was thinking yesterday about the verse "For the Lord God is a sun and shield"!! I could not think of or find a better poem to go with it!

  2. This is very like a psalm. Thank you.

  3. branemrys9:33 AM

    Thank you; I think some phrasing did seep in from the psalms, which is probably the reason for the psalm-like flavor.

  4. branemrys9:34 AM

    That's a good verse to go with the poem!

  5. It's not just the phrasing, although the influence does show. It's the rhythm of the poem. It practically self points for chanting.

  6. branemrys11:12 AM

    That makes sense. It's syllabic, and I think syllabic poetry is conducive to that -- less sing-songy than meter-and-rhyme, but still measured.


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