Monday, June 01, 2015

Poem a Day I


The sky is bluebird, bright and clear,
the wind is soft and fresh with scent,
the lilacs fresh, the dew just dried,
and life is blooming, sweet with joy.

If rain will come in later clouds,
it does not matter for today;
it cannot change this morning's good,
when life is blooming, sweet with joy.


  1. MrsDarwin10:19 PM

    But hopefully you're done with rain for a while now. Did you survive the Great Texas Deluge of 2015 unscathed? A number of friends had problems with houses flooding a bit, nothing serious, but a friend from RR lost his cousin and cousin's family in the house that washed away on the Blanco River.

  2. branemrys10:34 PM

    I did indeed; as I live in the Tech Ridge area, which is relatively high and has lots of drainage, almost all of Austin would have to be underwater for there to be any really serious threat. I do have potential worries about run-off from behind me, which, when it becomes great, flows laterally through my backyard, turning it into a pond as it drains off. But even to get to where it would seep a bit under the backdoor, it would have to be an immense amount of water from a constant rain. It didn't really come close.

    Your friend's family's situation is very unfortunate; the Blanco area was one of the areas that was just constant downpour and deluge.


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