Thursday, June 04, 2015

Poem a Day IV

Love, Joy, and Peace

True love is known by this: it forms a rite,
as birds will build a nest, or spiders spin,
and like a crystal rainbowing the light,
it facets to refract the light within,
each aspect drawing lines 'twixt good and sin
that, by restraint, true joy may leap to sight.

True joy is known by this: it cannot rest
with rush alone, or with the thrill of lover's kiss,
nor can it count its current state the best,
but project piled on project builds its bliss;
and yet it pours out more than even this,
that peace may be the crown to all its zest.

True peace is known by this: it moves unmoved.
In peace alone does love a world create:
the love of parent, child, comrade, mate,
each quests to find a world in what is loved,
and, loving one, finds all inside, innate.
Thus love abounds to joy, by peace is proved.

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