Saturday, November 07, 2015

Links of Note, Noted for Their Notability

Due to a convergence of time-eating monsters, I'm taking another week to finish Villette, just so I don't have to rush it; so that post will be for next week.

* Les Green criticizes the taste for originality in certain circles of academic philosophy, which leads to competent base-work not getting done properly or else getting ignored.

* The excellent Jennifer Frey has some posts on the value of studying Aquinas in the context of ethics:
Why Aquinas? Part 1
Why Aquinas? Part 2

* Roger Pearse hunts down the sources of the quotation "Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad".

* Sabine Hassenfelder discusses the aporetic tetrad that structures current black hole research in physics.

* Kara Richardson on Causation in Arabic and Islamic Thought at the SEP

* An account of the New Martyrs of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, who are currently beatified; it also serves as a good summary of just what a trial of fire the UGCC has survived over the past century and a half.

* The Ukraine is currently undergoing an active decommunization, which raises the problem of what to do with Communist monuments. One Ukrainian artist realized that a statue of Lenin would be very easy to repurpose into a statue of Darth Vader.

* Stephan Schmid responds to Sydney Penner on Suarez on final causation.

* Peter Kwasniewski discusses the marriage analogy for the hypostatic union.

* The Battle of Agincourt was fought on October 25, 1415. Anne Curry discusses some of the incorrect views floating around about the battle.

* Tom Simon discusses the ozamataz and legosity of fiction that builds up a fan base.

* A short history of the ellipsis.

* Thomas Heinrich Stark discusses the relationship between mercy and justice in Thomas Aquinas.

* Leigh Johnson reflects on the case for having students memorize poetry.

* Bob Kurland discusses Duhem's account of the history of science.

* A selection from Ludwig von Pastor on the corruptions introduced by the Avignon Papacy.

* A look at how construction in Iceland accommodates the common Icelandic belief in elves.

* Mike Flynn on the rise of sentiment and the fall of civilization.

* MrD has an excellent critique of Fr. Thomas Reese's commentary on the synod.


* Dorothy Cummings McLean has some scathing comments about certain sectors of academic theology.

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