Sunday, April 30, 2017

Two Poem Drafts


The rain was gentle through the night;
I know it well, the laughter light
of water showered by the trees,
which shush and shuffle, taught by breeze.

I know it well, the hallowed song
reverberates through hearts that long
for heaven's holy vernal rain;
this sacred echo softens pain.

I know, and you may know as well:
who listens learns a tale to tell
and finds a hope, though hopes were light;
the rain is gentle through the night.


Spirit pushes heavily against flesh walls;
I breathe it deep; spirit enters in and travels out.
It flows in stream across the lawn,
ever-widening, it spills through air
and journeys through the atmosphere.
My spirit and your spirit flow as one,
blow up mighty storms and push trim sails,
sparkle in the light of morning sun.
I am here, you are there, no matter:
our spirits dance together beneath God's dome.

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