Friday, September 29, 2017

Three New Poem Drafts


There is no emptiness in space;
the solar winds there play and sport,
and dust is blowing in the deep,
and light is speeding through the dark.
Though evil seems a gaping threat,
look! The good, spread however thin,
is stretched from world to world like wire,
is spread throughout the Milky Way
and far beyond, so spinning stars
will never spin alone.

Quiet Morning

The sleepy world in darkness slumbers now,
the quiet doze before the rising dawn,
a peace that knows no troubled sigh nor doubt:
the world in shadow, dream its only law.
A seeping light begins to gild the clouds
like joy as it infuses idle thoughts.
The blossoms all with dewy crystal crowned
are waved by breeze that tumbles on the lawn
as birds are throwing off a raucous sound.
The early-waking heart is touched by awe,
to glory vowed.

Rabbit in the Yard

The rabbit in the yard has tucked its paws
where grass is shaded, fresh, and minty cool;
the wind across its fur a finger draws
as dreams beneath long ears begin to pool.
What visions curl like mists in rabbit minds?
Are they in motion, leaping on the trail?
Of verdure sweet to taste, and chewy rind?
Of shift of whisker, twitch of fluffy tail?
A secret of the rabbit it shall be,
though towers crumble and the cities fall --
a noise is heard, the rabbit leaps to flee
and bounds across the lawn, beneath the wall.
But shade like tide moves in and out with time;
the rabbit will return with dreams sublime.

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