Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Maid of Orleans

Today is the feast of St. Joan of Arc, or St. Jehanne D'Arc, the Maid of Orleans. I have a summary of the battles in which St. Joan was involved here.

Jehanne D'Arc

A quiet garden path
        (St. Michael be our guide)
a scent of spring and day,
a field both green and wide,
and a girl--

and beauty bright and bold
        (St. Catherine, for us pray)
and fierce but calm resolve
(with militance like May)
of a girl--

the hope that step by step
        (St. Margaret, lend your aid)
will charge the raging host
and face the swinging blade
as a girl--

by one bright thread are bound
        (Lord Jesus, give us grace)
with frame of twining flame
and eyes set in the face
of a girl....

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