Friday, October 05, 2018

Poem Re-Draft and New Poem Draft


The human heart we know right well,
a bit of heaven, a bit of hell;
we are taught it in the psalter.

The Church must suffer death and lies
that Christian hearts may sympathize
with every sinner's falter.

They who pray by work and rest
find Church all places east and west,
the heart itself their altar.

A soul restored upon the Cross
must preach the truth, no thought of loss,
though heretics will palter.

The Church that lives by faith and love
is ruled by none but God above;
our law is not its halter.

Wilting Rose

I saw a wilting rose.
Its petals, almost closed, were curled,
half open and half furled,
and every petal pearled with dew --

and thus I thought of you,
whose trouble deep and true has formed
in weeping and in storm
a sadness still informed with grace.

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