Sunday, December 30, 2018

Evening Notes Index 2018

December 5: The Tacit Mechanics of Hume

November 15: Deception and Clifford's Ethics of Belief

October 31: Prima Facie Duties and Humanitarian Traditions

October 20: Probability as a Measure

October 11: Saturated Phenomena

October 2: Cockburn on Space

September 25: 'Classical Theism'

September 20: Kinds of Failing in Teaching

September 5: The Pseudo-Scotus Validity Paradox

August 16: Modal Operators with Multiple Arguments

August 8: Catholic Social Teaching and the Notes of the Church

July 23: Quasi-Property

July 14: Humanitarian Traditions

July 6: Parental Rights and the Right to Parental Protection

June 14: The Notion of Militia in Scottish Enlightenment Thought

May 24: Rosmini on the Definition 'Rational Animal'

April 25: Medical Ethics and the Rights of Infants and Toddlers

January 15: Mythology as a Guide to Morals

Evening Notes Index 2017b
Evening Notes INdex 2017a

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