Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Two New Poem Drafts


Lift up your father, Aeneas;
the wrath on the temples is burning.
Stir up your blood, Aeneas;
your road courses West unreturning.
Step by step runs the path you will travel;
seas will be crossed ere the end;
pyres will burn to bright heaven;
down shall your highway descend.
Great is your name, Aeneas,
mighty the call that you hear.
Troy shall be joined to the wolf cubs,
nations shall tremble with fear.
Lupa pepercit their motto,
eagles on high guide their way;
slaughter shall be their true genius;
God's very Son they shall slay.
Hold not your hand from the matter,
the sword of the ages to wield.
for ever by fate are you favored,
but never to fate shall you yield.
Lift up your father, Aeneas,
your destiny seize, keep it pure.
Turn yourself homeward, Aeneas:
all good comes to those who endure.

I Know Not How

I know not how the world was born,
yet born it was.
I know not how the veil is torn,
yet torn it is.
I know not how God gives His grace,
yet this He does.
I known not how worlds formed in place,
and yet they are.
I known not how planets can endure;
they travel still.
I known not how stars meet their fate,
and yet they will.

I known not how the mighty suns
that brightly shine
in burning vessels swiftly run
through space and time,

nor know I how your love has come
upon my heart,
nor how this is, nor how it ends
or even starts,
and yet it like the wind descends
to blaze like stars.

I know not how you can be,
and yet you are.

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