Monday, December 30, 2019

Evening Notes Index 2019

January 8: Assertion, Fiction, and Truth

January 30: Baptism of Desire

February 7: Doxastic Synousia

February 12: Three Structures of Design Argument

February 25: Humanitarian Traditions and Cliental Privilege

March 5: Person as Subsistent Right

March 26: The Period Room as Artifact, Sign, and Instrument

April 6: Norms of Etiquette

April 23: Quasi-Arts

May 2: The Structure of Wondering

June 2: Titles of Opinion

June 17: Beattie on Good Taste

July 14: Hayes on Liquids

July 25: Friendliness as a Civic Virtue

August 8: Perversion in the Context of Humanitarian Traditions

August 21: The Unexamined Life

September 5: Civility

September 15: Non Aliud

September 23: Providential Men

October 4: A New Way to Live

October 18: Rosmini on the Rights of the Church

October 30: The Dignity of Plants

November 12: The Internal Moralities of Law and Medicine

November 25: Argumentational Virtues

December 18: Caring About and Caring For



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