Thursday, January 23, 2020

Teaching Ethics

I was recently looking for one of my posts on teaching Ethics, and so thought I'd make up a short index post with some of the links on the subject (not ethics in general, but points relevant to teaching a course on it).

Virtue Analysis I (2010)
Virtue Analysis II (2010)
Virtue Analysis III (2013)
(A few observations about a particular assignment I experimented with.)

Various Jottings on Applied Ethics and Refugees (2015)
(I don't like how applied ethics is typically handled in Ethics courses.)

On Teaching Metaethics in an Ethics Course (2018)
(Don't do it beyond what comes up naturally and easily in dealing with ethical topics.)

Aesthetics and Ethics (2019)
(The two should not be split the way they often are, and the implications for aesthetics are often important for understanding an ethical approach.)

Natural Law Theory (2019)
(Textbooks are really bad at explaining it.)

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