Tuesday, March 17, 2020

At the Grocery Store

I had intended to make chili this week, but discovered that I had stupidly forgotten to get the beans for it when last I was in the store, so I headed off the grocery store this morning to see if beans were in stock. Going to the grocery store generally doesn't feel like an adventure, but it did today. It actually wasn't bad; there was a long line in front of the store, but that was because they were pacing entry. It went fairly quickly. Inside, shelves were scanty but not unstocked; it was pretty clear that they were prioritizing milk, bread, meat, rice, and beans in the stocking, so it wasn't actually difficult to find what I needed. And I was able to get more than few minor luxury items, since a lot of my self-indulgences are things that Americans tend not to like -- wedge of bleu cheese, check; can of sardines, check -- or things that Americans tend not to know about -- Lion bars from the international aisle, check. They were totally sold out of bacon, which I expected, and totally sold out of Braunschweiger, which I did not (I suppose there's a strong German strain in central Texas, but who would guess it was more popular than cotto salami?). The frozen dinner aisle was hardly touched, which was a little odd, but I suppose it's more cost-effective to make your own. Everyone was polite and patient -- more polite and patient than usual, actually -- and it didn't take any longer than it usually takes, although it's also the case that I didn't dawdle.

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